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Investing in Gold ETFs

Gold has always been a favorite investment instrument for Indian investors, and for good reason. Historically, gold has proven to be an able ally against inflation as well as equity market downturns. Recently, it has been one of the best performing asset class returning better than either equity or debt investments. No wonder investors’ attention is turning more and more towards the glittering metal for providing them with stable, shining returns.

Investing via ETFs is among the best ways to invest in Gold for various reasons. In this brief article, we’ll see what is gold ETF, the benefits of investing through it and how to go about it.

What is Gold ETF?

Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) are open-ended funds that trade on a stock exchange just like the shares of an individual company. Unlike the share of a company, each unit of an ETF represents a portfolio of stocks. So it is similar to a unit of an open-ended mutual fund but with a big difference. The difference between an ETF and an open-ended mutual fund is that the units of an ETF trade on an exchange. So the investor can trade in the ETF during market hours and the units can be sold short or margined just like shares.

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Gold ETFs are exchange traded funds that are meant to track closely the price of physical gold. So gold ETF lets you own gold in your dmat account. Each unit of the ETF lets the investor own 1gm of gold without physically owning it. Thus investing in a gold ETF provides the benefit of liquidity and marketability which are a limitation of owning physical gold. Gold ETF is liquid because you can trade in it at any time during market hours. Gold ETF is marketable because you can trade any amount in it just like a normal stock including short selling and buying on margin. Owning gold ETF also is cheaper than owning physical gold because it has no cost of carry (the cost of storing physical gold).

How to invest in Gold ETF?

Gold ETFs can be bought and sold in a stock exchange (such as NSE or BSE) just like regular stocks. One would need a demat account and a trading account through a stock broker to be able to invest in Gold ETFs

Which is the best Gold ETF in India?

There are quite a few good Gold ETFs in India. The full list of Gold ETFs can be seen here:

Among these, Quantum Gold ETFs offer option to buy in units of half-grams each. Others are available in units of one gram of gold each.

How Gold ETF works?

Gold ETFs are exchange traded funds that passively track the performance of Gold Bullion. These funds buy gold with investor’s money (on the behalf of investors) and convert it into units.

How to invest in Gold ETF online?

An investor can invest in Gold ETF very easily online by having an online trading account with any broker. At FundsIndia, we enable investors to invest in Gold ETFs either in lump-sum or using SIP very easily for all our account holders.

How to trade in Gold ETF?

Trading in Gold ETF is very easy – it is as simple as trading in a stock. One can buy at any time, and sell at any time using access to an online trading account.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

A prominent decline in foreign investments in Saudi Arabia

According to a replacement study revealed by global organization Conference on Trade and Development (OECD), "UNCTAD"; the entire quantity of foreign direct investments in Asian country born from eight billion greenbacks to seven.4 billion greenbacks, which implies a decrease of four.8%. And globally, FDI inflows within the world exaggerated by three hundred and sixty five days (About one.7 trillion dollar) that is that the highest level of growth since the worldwide monetary crisis, however Russia has seen a marked decline among the countries of the planet by ninety two.

As for developing countries, flow of foreign investment has reached to regarding [*fr1] a trillion greenbacks rate (which suggests that a rise by V-day from last year). thence developing countries in Asia have become the foremost received for investment within the world, followed by the ecu Union countries and North America, per the report ready by the UNCTAD organization.

As for the ecu Union countries, foreign direct investment rate has up to $ 426 billion in 2015, though the speed was low within the previous 3 years. us of America arrived within the rate to extend to double fourfold from 2014 to succeed in $ 384 billion.

In countries with economies in transition periods like the republics of the previous Soviet Union; investment flows fell by fifty four, full of the geographical and political state of affairs prevailing within the country, as regional conflicts have conjointly crystal rectifier to doubling the results of this economic deterioration. for instance, rates of investment in Russia and Kazak fell considerably, however that didn't stop investors from collaborating within the infrastructure sector investments in each countries, the Malaysian company noninheritable the shares of the gas provide company in Azerbajdzhan, in a very contract price up to 2 and 1 / 4 billion greenbacks.

The initial report of the Organization of UNCTAD self-addressed the precise details of the investments in 100 and fifty countries throughout 2015, specifically from the start of the year till mid-January for the year 2016.

Japan Announces its Renewed Support for Saudi Youth in the Field of Automobile Technology

The Japanese diplomatist General in metropolis, Matahero Tamaguchi, proclaimed that Japan has revived its support of the Saudi-Japanese High Institute (SJAHI) to coach Saudi youth within the field of automobile manufacture and maintenance for four years, until 2020.

The diplomatist delineate Japanese-Saudi relations as special and distinctive language that the countries area unit celebrating sixty years of such relations.
He greeted the Saudi youth at the institute UN agency well-tried their competency within the field. He side that Japan is presently investment a pair of billion greenbacks in petrochemicals within the town of Ra'bagh additionally to investment in Yanbu' Industrial town to provide Ti.

The Institute these days celebrated winning 1st place within the thirteenth International Saudi Skills competition, within the technology and maintenance of Japanese cars, within the presence of a delegation from the japanese Ministry of Trade and trade.

250 Saudi youth were divided into three teams from the first morning hours to require half within the competition that was supervised by Japanese specialists and judges and high trainers at the Institute.
Salem Asmari, Acting Manager of the Institute, explained that the Institute is that the outcome of Saudi-Japanese efforts to transfer advanced technology to Saudi youth. He elaborate that the competition coincides with the Annual Meeting of the Co-ordination Committee at the Institute wherever the event of all activities at the institute are going to be explored additionally to evaluating the japanese support provided, since the institute is registered as a part of the National Program for Industrial Collectives.

The diplomatist General recommended the power and competency of Saudi youth within the field of automobile technology and maintenance. He stressed that the competition is one in all the foremost outstanding in Saudi and therefore the Mideast as an entire. He side that the japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and trade is a political candidate supporter of the institute's project, when the top of support from the japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICE).

He discerned that Japan had rapt from "Overall Coverage" standing to "Joint Costs" standing at the institute as follows;

1) a brand new format for technical cooperation was launched, as of 2013, supported shared prices as printed by the agreement between the steward of the 2 Holy Mosques and therefore the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzu Abi.

2) The new format was welcome and Japan continuing its cooperation in developing human resources in Saudi.

3) the method of applying the new format faces some challenges and it's essential that Saudi and Japan collaborate to execute the new format as shortly as potential, to avoid losing this special chance.

He confirmed that around 250 students participate within the Technical Skills Competition command by the institute throughout February of every year.
The Japanese diplomatist explained that (SJAHI) could be a image of the steadfast Japanese-Saudi relations and embodies the shut partnership between the japanese Automobile Production Union (JAMA) and Japanese automotive distributors in Saudi (JADIK).

The institute offers secured employment to Saudi youth upon graduation, whereas consolidating their talents, developing their skills and up their self esteem. For of these reasons the Institute was qualified to bear fierce competition and to face the troublesome challenges that area unit typically solely undertaken by established technical universities and institutes.
He added: "The Annual Meeting of the Japanese-Saudi Coordination Committee, command at the same time with the competition, throughout that the event of aspects all told the institute's activities area unit explored still as evaluating the japanese backing offered".

The competition winners, Group D, were proclaimed when the gap ceremony. The winning cup was awarded by the japanese diplomatist and therefore the director, in Japanese vogue, and therefore the winners were photographed.

It is value mentioning that the competition was attended by His Excellence man Mikihitu Morakame, Manager of International Trade Systems for cars within the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Production, man Yoshihero Yano, Deputy Manager of peacekeeping within the Japanese Union of Automobile Production conjointly attended.

The Japanese diplomatist General man Matahero Yamaguchi, still as high-profile Japanese representatives and therefore the homeowners of collaborating corporations at the institute, and members of the Institute's Managing Committee, and dealing cluster members and therefore the top dog of the National Center for Strategic Partnerships at the general public Association for Technical, and skilled coaching officers of collaborating corporations still because the students folks conjointly attended.

Saudi Economy: Investment in Production Sector Has Raised its Sales by 6.8 Billion Dollars in One Year

Sales from Production Investment firms sector listed within the Saudi exchange have up to twenty five.5 billion Riyals (6.8 billion Dollars), from 24.7 billion Riyals, within the previous year, a rise of three.42%.

Net collected profits for this sector minimized by five hundredth to one.51 billion Riyals (400 million Dollars). Companies' losses throughout the fourth quarter of last year was a hundred million Riyals, compared to profits of 598 million Riyals throughout the previous year.

The sector came in fifth place amongst market sectors outstanding stocks, that reached 143 billion Riyals, a Sep 11 portion; whereas current assets of the sector's stock reached three.77 billion shares, a 6 June 1944 portion of the total; ensuing from two.63 million transactions, forming Sep 11 of total dead transactions.

The index losses last year was third, or one hundred sixty five points, reaching 6428 points compared to 6593 points at the tip of 2014. the very best gains for the index were eight.64%, up to 505 points, raising the index to 6355 points at the tip of last August. the best loss reached nine.07% at the tip of dealings, on the twenty third of last August, with the index reading 6302 points. The Saudi company (Maaden) was at the forefront of the sector's firms with sales totaling eleven billion Riyals, creating forty third of the sector's sales, compared to ten.8 billion Riyals, in 2014, a rise of one.52%.

Despite the increase within the company's sales, its profits throughout 2015 fell to 605 million Riyals, compared to one.36 billion Riyals throughout 2014. the corporate connected the autumn in profits to the decrease in average sale worth for all merchandise aside from Di-ammonium Phosphate chemical, additionally to the increase in price of sold merchandise, thanks to the rise in sold quantities, and an increase within the associated prices of commercialism, promoting and money strains, due to the initiation of economic production of atomic number 13 Ores Company in Sep 2014.

Maaden recorded losses throughout the ultimate quarter of last year of five.65 million Riyals, compared to profits totaling 376 million Riyals throughout the fourth quarter of 2014 and eighty million Riyals throughout the past quarter. The Saudi Chemicals Company garnered nine.4% of the sectors sales, equal to 2.4 billion Riyals, compared to two.48 billion, creating a decrease of three, with a discount in web profits to 252 million Riyals, from 284 million, in different words eleven.2%. The earnings per share fell from four.48 to 3.98 Riyals. margin fell two to 493 million Riyals, compared to 503 million Riyals. operative profits fell by 100 percent to 283 million Riyals, compared to 315 million Riyals. the corporate connected the decrease in profits to a visit sales and an increase in operative prices. principally thanks to taking special entitlements for assets, so as to boost the company's money standing.

Financial statements show the acquisition of Al-Hassan Ghazi Abraham Al-Shaker Company (Shaker) over seven.4% of the sector's sales, such as one.89 billion Riyals, compared to one.56 billion, a rise of twenty one.2%, with a decrease in web profits to 136.5 million Riyals, compared to 437 million, or 68.75%, likewise as a fall in share's dividends to two.17 Riyals from six.93 Riyals. operative profits fell to ninety one.4 million Riyals compared to a hundred and ten.2 million or 17 November, whereas margin rose by thirteen to 435 million Riyals.

Meanwhile Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corporation nonheritable thirteen of the sector's profits, garnering web profits of 357 million Riyals in 2015, compared to 317 million throughout the previous year. This coincided with an increase in share's dividends to two.98 Riyals from two.94 Riyals. Gross profits rose by five-hitter to 832 million Riyals from 795 million. operative profits rose by eight.3% from 242 million Riyals to 262 million Riyals.

Net profits for Abdul-Latif Industrial investment trust was 139.3 million Riyals compared to two hundred.4 million, a fall of thirty.5%. Gross profits fell by twenty first to 208 million Riyals, with a share dividend of one.71 Riyals, compared to two.47 Riyals. additionally, operative profits fell to 159.4 million Riyals, compared to 210 million, a decrease of pure gold. the corporate connected the decrease to a fall in sales and a rise in consumption and production prices, likewise as failing to succeed in needed profits from estate investments, thanks to them not being sold , additionally to losses as a results of investment in associate degree associate company, and a rise in money charges and charity allocations.

Saudi deputy minister of economy regrets using ‘bankruptcy’ term

Mohammad Al Tuwaijri, Saudi deputy minister of economy and designing has processed that victimisation the term “bankruptcy” whereas discussing Saudi Arabia’s economic scenario was a misjudgment on his half, and this statement has been polemical on social media. Al-Tuwaijri aforementioned that his statement, during which he aforementioned that any cuts ar required to the kingdom’s swollen public sector otherwise the country faces bankruptcy in 3 years, was supported assumptions, together with oil remains at low levels and there will not be to any extent further reforms."My expression "Bankruptcy" did not set out right, and that i will apologize to everybody concerning this error. "However, that will mean we tend to don't seem to be having a structural economic downside.” he stressed.

It is noted that, various Saudi officials' statements concerning the Saudi economy, the errors that occur, and measures to avoid bankruptcy, has been a subject of serious discussion on social media.

So that, "Saudia's bankruptcy expected in three years" hashtag is that the most public hashtag on Twitter by activists from everywhere the planet ,especially from Saudi Arabia.

Mobily announces a new mobile phone at a price of 2899 SR

Mobily proclaimed the launch of the new mobile (PRIV) within the markets, that is on the market currently in Mobily branches scattered throughout the dominion, The new transportable from mobily is supported with many benefits, together with the battery and also the inventive keyboard (BlackBerry keypad) additionally to the high-resolution screen, you'll be able to even be access to the most important applications store within the world through this mobile.

As for style, the device has a gorgeous style, the screen includes a twin curvature 5 inches in size, 18-megapixel camera, and also the new transportable from Mobily is steam-powered by dual-core processor one.8 GHz.

Mobily has introduced the device in its branches at a awfully competitive price(2899 SR only), the goal of conveyance this mobile is to supply a brand new expertise for patrons with good and innovative devices, mobily is functioning with all Its energy on providing intelligent networking services to their purchasers.

New Insurance Policy Includes Obesity Treatment in Saudi Arabia

Khalid Al-Falih, Minister of Health expressed that the ministry and also the insurance Council is presently learninga project to change the medical insurance granted to people in order that insurance will cowl the value offleshiness and connected diseases treatment .

Noting that there square measure degrees of insurance policies, he's operating to update it so as to ease themoney burden on the voters who are suffering from fleshiness, and alternative diseases related to it. Heconjointly distinguished that the ministry aims to form the Saudi society healthy and higher than all alternativeinternational health communities through awareness and dissemination of health education so as to alter themanner of life and enhance the healthy food to assist eliminate fleshiness sickness that is rampant within thecommunity, particularly once it makes a money burden on the family and also the system of health sector.

This study comes once a report from the manager workplace of the Council of the Ministry of Health of the Gulf thatshowed that the amount of deaths attributable to fleshiness in Asian country is valued to twenty thousand casesp.a., whereas the amount of youngsters with fleshiness within the kingdom square measure currentlyregarding three.5 million youngsters, accounting that the fleshiness patients square measure one yearpopulation, in further to the Saudi youngsters with cardiovascular disease and high vital sign, polygenic disorder and clogged arteries of the center attributable to fleshiness pressure.

Studies calculable that patients with excess weight prices {saudi arabia|Saudi Arabia|Kingdom of Asian country|Asian country|Asian nation} five hundred million riyals annually thanks to their reluctance to hospitals for treatment which each kid of each 3 youngsters is laid low with fleshiness in Saudi Arabia, and Asian country ishierarchic in step with the globe Health Organization along side Qatar and Kuwait, among the best fleshinessrates within the world.

The Ministry of Health recently launched a campaign on its web site to combat overweight and fleshiness; the campaign includes fourteen hub includes phone help for those wish to decrease their weight and a listing of delicate-low-calorie recipes additionally to a table of calories and also the importance of sport and the way to consolidate the walking culture to scale back obesity in Asian country, particularly among youngsters.

On the opposite hand, the insurance Council is functioning on a letter form to enhance the services and to spotthe issues facing people with varied insurance firms, wchich they're over twenty eight qualified firms, up by thirty seventh than the past eight years, with 9.6 million subscriber in Asian country.